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Trams och fantastiskt fina personer.

Long weekend with a lot of FIKA

Category: life in pixlars

Met up with Ernie, a friend I haven't seen for ages, at Café Annorledes in Helsingborg.
Later I wined with Martin and Bas and the following day I went to a Paradise Hotel-theme party with Lisen.
Saturday I spent with Frida, Felicia, Bas and two couchsurfers from Nederlands.
They were very fascinated by the Swedish culture. Here Guido helps Frida with her make up. 
We drank beer at Simpan.
Visited a houseparty a few seconds... 
And ended up at Far i Hatten.
Suddenly "Moses" lead the way with his technicolour boombox.
A long journey that brought us all together.
Somewhat distant.
But we did arrive to our destination. And Emil made us nooddles.
We drank wine.
Mingled with Emil's pet.
Good night.