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London in September

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Food For Thought is a wonderful veggie resturant in the heart of Covent Garden, their food is healthy, tasty and made with love like any homecooked meal, a sallad and a main dish is £8,50, I found it last tuesday and ate a mole and my date had today's Quince.

The weekend was just work and no fun, last friday we celebrated my old flatmate Kerstins birthday at KOKO.
Today I had coffe with Come and ended up having a Pina Colada and jerk sweet potato at Dub Jam.
I then met up with Denise and discovered some magical places that exist in front of the tourists noses but they will most likley never discover..... Migh spoil some secrets later on!
Ïn the middle of the steady trafficed and touristy Leichester Sq/Tottenhamn court road I spotted a young man with a guitar and asked him if I may take his photo....
I LOVE "LOVE ACTUALLY" and it's a shame we were in such a rush because he was so nice to talk to!!!


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Courtney (my manager at Urban Outfitters) and her handsome man looking good
Alexandra and Stella
Met up with Sabena after walking down the runway for Nazir Mazhar's sporty urban SS collection
What's your favorite?

The last days of summer

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So I've been bad with updates recently, I've just been working... So this is the last few days... 
Having AW's, like this one at FIFTY FIVE in Camden, ironicly these are my flatmates but I rarley see them because we're all workaholics.
Had dinner at Amico Bio (veggie bio Italian resturant)
Noticed autumn is here, especially in Forest Hill
And this is Comes reaction when he saw his nice haircut in the mirror.... (Yes, French people are weird, but we already know that.)
Today I met up with my ex roomie Kerstin for cakes and coffee (FIKA) in Shoreditch/Brick Lane
Denise joined us later and we stayed until the closed at 11pm...
I can't believe it's already September