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So this is Christmas?

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This looks like a still from a movie I want to watch, the copper, sous chef and the cutiepie
Latley I've been discovering places I've been to but never really experienced with friends I've just met
Trying to really get that festive feeling...
Even getting an ugly sweater for work.... Photo by my colleague (&also jewellery designer) Alba Bayona
Being photobombed by strangers...
And then it happened...Somehow I ended up at Winter Wonderland with these hot couples...
I might be single but I had a bottle of red wine..... 
I'm back in Sweden for a week from tomorrow...

I get along

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New friends, brief acquaintaces, their gigs, alcoholic bevegares, pub quiz's, raves.
Thick fog, drunk kisses, daydreams and blurred vision.
Going to exhibitions, having friends visiting, discovering secret missons.

It's the third of December soon and it's warmer outside than it was in November.

And suddenly it was Autumn again

Category: London, life in pixlars

London Fashion Week was quite dull
Ebba showed me Hampstead Heath
I discovered a new favourite pub. This is Paul, he works there.
I met Will and Lola
I had people over for dinner and sleepovers