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SHIT, it's November already

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Brodie and a car, on the way to Shackelwell Arms
Brodie made a list of films I would like
A boy from a band Brodie knows. Boy bought me my first ever Shandy. It was disgusting.


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It was a Saturday night, 24th of March 1918.
The town's Cabaret had just finished it's grandest show
It invited some of the most important, fabulous people to keep on partying backstage
The most special people of this time and age,
having a drink after the show was a great way to blow off some steam!
It turned out to be quite a lovely soirée,
it was really like a feather covered glittery cupcake dream,
Guest mingled with the cabaret preformers and their team.
As the midnight oil was running thing quickly escalated...
Things were getting really heated... Definitely R-rated.
Yes... The party soon got out of hand..
Married, stiff old couples started swinging and giving each other piggybacks
In times like this that was a rare sight as you might understand.
Little did anyone know that one man were there with a unclear concious
He didn't have clean flour in his bag (as the Swedish say)
The town's wealthies business man Harry Von Platts
Had a feeling that his beloved partner in both passion and crime was having an affair with some old hag.
How on earth did he dare?
If this was true, he was lucky if Harry his life would spare.
He called out for detective Nicques Clousea
Also known as the notorious "Pink Flamingo".
And how did it go?
OH-NO! What might this be?
WAIT, why be two when you can be 3?
Times are tough and love can be rough but why don't we just make the best of our time
I mean what is really yours and what's really mine?
Love can't be owned or defined.
Let's all share and we'll be all good and fine! 
HOORAY! And best of all, nobody got killed today!