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Atleast I had Asia

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It's almost been a year now, and finally it got to me - what I've done, the adventure's I've been trough. Sleeping in beds with geckos, running down hills with bulls, swimming with sharks, climbing the highest mountains, I remember it all with photographs and scars.
Shaken off theifs, got wounds infected by coral reefs, made friends and inner peace..
I discovered another part of the world, and me.
Infinity shroom, snake originally designed by me
Last day in Paradise 
A man in Battambang
Italian boys on the road to nowhere

Tourists in Thailand

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After 14 hours, a few movies and a playlist of Nicolas Jaar sets later we arrived at BKK airport.
Our plan was to catch the cheapest bus possible to Ayutthaya, what used to be a beautiful Kingdom before it got invided by the Burmese in the 18th century.
Headless Buddhas and tempel wats in ruins gave us a good start to all those beautiful temples Asia had to offer us.
We got to Ayutthaya for 11bhat/person by train. To find a place we had the Rough Guide & Lonley Planet but it was quite difficult to find an affordable place that wasn't full. After walking around in the sun with our bags weighing us down we finally settled for a place that didn't seem too bad.
HOSTEL: Baan One Love
COST: 600bhat for a double room with two large beds.
It wasn't too bad but wouldn't stay there again.
BIKES 50bhat (~£1) per person for a day
It's highly recommended to discover the temple ruins by bike.
All around us people were approaching us with "deals", offering to take us to see all the temples by their Tuk Tuk for "only" 1000bhat. It is very easy to be fooled. A bus ride alone is mare 30bhat. It's very beautiful to bike around, there's a lot of stray dogs so that's a bit sad. 
STAY: I think two days here is enough, there's so many other beautiful places to discover in the North, I'd rather spend more time in Chiang Hai.
Penalty for drinking wine on the train: 6 months prison or a 10.000 Bhat fine or both.
Taking the train is a very fascination and CHEAP way of traveling, you encounter everything from live animals, western tourist with flashy backpacks or local people takng a nap after getting groceries.
The guys catching the boat to the other side of Ayutthaya
Some ruins were less crowded...
Other ruins were full of tourists and little market stalls wanting to sell us tacky souverniers.
Here's some charming rickshaws waiting to take you home.
We were very happy to go around the city by bikes.
Biking through a market after a full day of discovering.

Angor What?

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At first sight we all fell in love with Cambodia.
Less touristy than Thailand and more authentic.  Until we discovered the persistent Tuk Tuk drivers and the clingy vendors on the night market around the corner from our guest house "Ivy 2". The guest house is $14 for the 3 of us per night and we have our own bathroom with a toilet and shower. The walls are thin and the air is filled with mosquitoes and crickets. 
We were told Cambodia would be cheap. 
In the supermarkets the prices are almost as back in Sweden. Cambodia have Khmer and US dollars, the latter being the main currnency. If you're supposed to be given 50 cent change at a shop or marketstall you'll most likely get 2000khmer instead.  Imagen my surprise!
I have to admit that I miss Thailand. 
Cheaper, fresh fruit everywhere. 
Even the $1 watered down smoothies here can't be compared to the 35b generous ones in Chiang Mai. Also the streets here in Siem Reap are dangerous.  There's barley any street lights and you have to fight yourself through a crowd of fast scooters and TukTuks to get past the broad streets. 
Apparently most people come here only to discover the acient city to see Angor Twat.
A 3 day access pass is $40 and if you're a mad Tomb Rider fan I'd suggest you go for the 7-days $70 one. It comes laminated with a cute sting to decorate your neck. 
We took a Tuk Tuk from outside our Guest House and he said he'd charge $15 for a 8 am - 6:30 pm shift by driving us around the acient city while taking siestas as we're discovering our inner Lara Croft and Indiana Jones's.
If you would like to see the sun rise at 5:am he'll charge you $5 extra ..
Spending most of our day discovering hidden rooms and sacred artefacts in 37°c and a stingy sun me and Gabri got back with resistent head aches.  I'll try to get some sleep now in a matter of fact.
Nighty x