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This year started by me waking up in my house on Florence Road.
There was cigarette butts and confetti left as evidence from the night before, strangers were sleeping in the lounge and I remember really wanting a glass of water.
A night of shattered plastic cups and broken promises, a few DJ's playing as the fairy lights were blinking with the beat, our rooftop was filled with ambitions, dreams and hopes for the new year. I watched the fireworks go off with some of my favourite people.
In February I left London.
All my dearest belongings were packed up in black bin bags and thrown in the cellar somewhere in East London.
I told my friends I would be back in 2 months time.
Koh Rong, Cambodia
I can still recall the warmth of the rays and the colour of the sun as it started to set.
I can't tell you about Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar and Malaysia here.
That's what I have photography for.
What I can tell you is that living with my life in a backpack for 5 months taught me a lot about the world and especially things I needed to know about myself.
Having a well needed break from the easily too superficial and fake London...
Walking around in breathtaking nature with no shoes and spending nights with strangers, all with open minds, big smiles and ever bigger hearts definitely gave me some kind of perspective.
I think our values are wrong, we waste time worrying about how other people see us, what they might judge us for. This year I started to care less about other peoples expectations of me and I started to talk back to people who were being condescending or, the most powerful thing of them all, being quiet and just walking away.
Fabio and  Gabriele's E-bike parked outside of one of the 394 Temples of Bagan, Myanmar 
For this year I need to learn to not be too hard on myself. I'm only human after all.
I can allow people to make mistakes and I forgive them, so how come I can't forgive myself?
I'm the one setting the high expectations, my mind is the setter for everything that happens to me.
I am powerful. I am something. I am someone.
Me by Jacob Lum, Koh Tao in Thailand
Thank you to everyone who cooked me a meal this year, to everyone who I had the pleasure to cook for.
Thank you to everyone who hold me when I was shaking, dried my tears, to everyone who conveyed in me and let me dry theirs.
Waterfalls in Dalat, Vietnam
Thank you to everyone I spent my days in laughter with, thank you to strangers I had brief but beautiful moments with, like exchanging smiles from a distance or enjoying a sunset from a viewpoint together in silence. 
Thank you to everyone who's been my friend for years, to everyone I met this year who I am lucky to now call my friend, to all of you who choose to share a moment of your life with me.
Alice & Tom in Taman Negara, Malaysia
Thank you for all the support, from friends back home in Sweden, my family, cats, my exes.
I lost some people this year that I cared about, but it's all a part of life.
My mind is in peace knowing that they're fine wherever they might be, and I'm happy to have had them in my life, to have had their presence.
Boat Trip in Battambang, Cambodia
Thank you 2016, thank you Gabriele & Fabio for letting me join your planned South East Asia trip.
Dani and Florian practising Acro Yoga on Tonsai Beach, Thailand
Thank you Dani and Nick for saving me when I needed to be saved.
Thank you Tom, Jon, Dan and Manu for making Kuala Lumpur more enjoyable.
Thank you Hampus for all those long walks and talks in the Swedish small town countryside.
Thank you Victor for making my sister as happy as I ever remember seeing her.
Thank you Greta, my grandmother for beating cancer.
Thank you Denise for being my sister here in London.
A MASSIVE thank you for everyone else who I love and who I trust in.
And thank you to everyone around me.
2017 is a new year, new thoughts, new opportunities.
See you later, enjoy your lives! x