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Ok winter never came, but this happened

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The last months are supposedly the most beautiful ones, as the sun disapears it takes the chlorophyll with it and set branches on fire. I'll sum up my life in pictures and tell you a little bit (my camera is not with me all the time) of what has happened since my last post.
I met Sussie, and I also went to her exhibition at Brick Lane Gallery.
I took the night bus home from Dalston quite a few times.
I met Bálint, a photographer who takes beautiful self-portraits.
Said goodbye to Elly who's leaving London for good-looking carpenders and a studio in the woods.
I also had a lot of Vegan food, like from this DÖNER kebabshop in Shoreditch.
I took some more walks along the canal, some alone and some with friends.
I went to a few exhibition openings, this is the que to LOOSE's event at DOOMED Gallery in Dalston.
Maybe I should go back to working as an event photographer?
I also met Joseph, who cooked me a cruelty free dinner and re-introduced me to Rick and Morty.
I went to a few gigs. 
This is Reid, he lives in Brooklyn and he sings in a band called BAMBARA.
Here's a rare selfie of us before we went to Alibi to sing a duet on their Karaoke evening. Guess what song!
This is Conor from Cork who used to be my neighbour. Here he is seen having a cigarette at Luke's aunties house in Belsize Park after his gig Friday.
This is Luke. He also goes under the name Damsel, check it out!
Good night. x