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Broadway Market on a Saturday

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Met up with this Barcelonaían babe for a walk along Regents Canal
We found Saga
It was a bit chilly but we managed to keep ourselves warm
We found London's best Masala Chai Tea at TIOSK 
Their interior is quite beautiful and the people who work there are super friendly 
Good looking carpender art aka wooden works
We reflected over the harsh reality
Witnessed apples being smashed and then made into juice
I bought some cute decorative apples that were supposly ment for eating (we enjoyed some of them later)
I made some new friends who made friends with espresso martinis but we wanted tea not alcohol
Bach was down (under) and they had called an coffee machine expert who had the biggest shift key I've ever seen.
We were fine anyways, drinking tea and playing "Cheat"
They sell all teas and coffee that they serve
Suddenly something happened...
And this just made our day even better