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Please, please, please

Category: Allmänt

Oh baby, baby, baby, please
I beg you, please, please, please, please
Stay with me
Because I need you so!
So please baby baby baby baby
Yes, listen, please please please
I know it's kinda low
But I don't give a damn

Yes, because yesterday when you went away
That in that last glance you gave me
I could see
Yes I could see
That you were on your way to another woman
Away from me

So please baby baby baby
I'm begging you please
Don't leave me here
Alone yeah
Yes, when your there with her
So please help me get it
Help me understand
Yes, what have I done wrong to make you leave
Yes because it must be so

And I hate, yes, I hate that I know
Yes I know
Yes I know your gonna give
Everything that you gave - gave to me
Give everything I got to another woman
And not to me