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Jag kan inte förneka att jag inte är size zero

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Snarare 40 och M.
Och att mina kurvor inte går bort ens i photoshop.
Så varför försöka?
Här är min midsommar outfit!
Underbara underbara skor som jag gärna hade haft på mig hela tiden och även sovit i.

It's saturnusday

Category: photography

Started off biking in the rain to pick up the flash and meet up with Sara (above) for our pre-party.
Mango-raspberrycider is quite nice! Man, just love mango!

A few nuts and emptied wineglasses and couchjumping later we took the bus down to the belighted city.

The night was short, I took some photos and I decided I didn't want to wait 2 hours for the trains to start going again so I took my bike home. I went through the forrest, I rushed by many fields and I meet no one but a deer that litterally crossed my path. I felt like I was dreaming.

This is sunday.


En häst och en man

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