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I just realised that some people actually do read my blog - oops - and I want to tell you guys that after a cray-crazy staff party (where I witnessed my assistant store manager flying through the air at Dalston Superstar while the rest of us (the ones that didn't leave before midnight) were getting all sexed up and showing our sassy dance moves with Fred Perry models and the dancing dragqueens on the bardesk) my phone and camera was stolen.

So basicly, my social media vibe is soooo bad now, I try to check fb every now and then at work and on my laptop at home but I have to confess that I do miss Instagram, especially since that's the only contact I have with some friends.
X-mas selfie
I'm having another awful cold atm, I'm trying to get into a partymood to go to POPCORN at HEAVEN, Britains biggest gayclub. My Swedish friend Nathalie is on it but my body is just way too tired. But I still have some hours to change my mind so let's see what happens...

Trying to stay positive I realize that the loss of my camera might actually make me go through my milion terabytes of pictures that are filling up my hardrive as we speak.

So.... See you down memory lane soon guys, btw, my festive holidays were boring and not into spirit atIbut I guess I'm hoping that next year will be better, last year I spent X-mas and NYE in Paris, the year before in my lovely aparment in Malmö, Sweden, and this year it was in London, Where will next NYE be?
This song's on repeat today, from my store managers favorite album.