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Atleast I had Asia

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It's almost been a year now, and finally it got to me - what I've done, the adventure's I've been trough. Sleeping in beds with geckos, running down hills with bulls, swimming with sharks, climbing the highest mountains, I remember it all with photographs and scars.
Shaken off theifs, got wounds infected by coral reefs, made friends and inner peace..
I discovered another part of the world, and me.
Infinity shroom, snake originally designed by me
Last day in Paradise 
A man in Battambang
Italian boys on the road to nowhere

I decided to end this year with music

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Last Wednesday I went to London Swedes beautiful Lucia concert,a few lovelies I know were singing in the choir.
I finally got to see Alex's band Hodoo Daze on Friday. They were playing at Nambucca in Holloway.
This was Poppy before the show.
The Vex were headlining, they're a bit like Arctic Monkeys but heavier.
Suddenly I had a squad of Latinas
And someone bought me a GT at the bar.. And so the last band was on...
Enrique - bas player of Hodoo Daze
Mah cute boys makin' us all proud
Sunday 2AM at Chris's place, Bethnal Green
Fireworks at Saga and Colins Rooftop, Sunday