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10 days in Paris (part 1)

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I arrived friday and we stayed in and watched Swedish televison in Moa & Fredrikas lovley appartment, Saturday we went of to one of Moa, Fredrika and their friend Felicias favorite bars Le Germaine.
When Moa was in school I took the oppertunity to take a walk down to Notre Dame to discover Paris by myself.
Of course I had to revisit my favorite antique bookstore Shakespear & co that I fell in love with when I was here 2009.
I sat down and grabbed a book from one of the poetry bookshelfs. It happened to be a philosophic interpetration of Shakespeares' work! How ironic!
The beginning/end of Rue dé Moufftard were Moa and Fredrika lives.
Moa & Fredrikas lovely backyard.
Moa showed me around the chinese quarters and we ate falafel in Marais before she had to leave for school.
Paris has many lovely Vintage stores. Moa looked for a big nice faux fur but ended up buying nothing.
This is Michael. One of the many artists of Marais.
"This handsome man behind me, (owner of the pub Stolly's) he is my new boyfriend. But he doesn't even know it yet! He recently got married to a woman, but that will pass."
Paris is full of beautiful people. Like this woman who just happen to work at a clothing store in Marais. Forgot to ask about her name unfortuntley.
These pictures are from a hidden café and pub called Le Comptoir Général
They always have things going on.
Like NY most lovable "The Rockaway Taco" suddenly appears here for 3 days.
I spoke with Matthew, one of the owners of the pop-up-shop:
"The season is over now in NY, so instead of closing we decided two move in here for a few days. We are five from the crew who flew here, this is our first time in Paris".
Before I left after having a very good jamican-NY taco and coffee with Fredrika and Moa this gentleman wanted to buy me an cocktail, I said no very politley and told him I was off in a hurry. I took his picture and he gave me his card and told me that he was a painter and sculptor! I think is name was Modeste.
In Paris it was 20degrees, mostly sunny and you didn't even need to wear your jacket on when you went for a drink 01 am.
Paris is full of very creative people. If you ask someone to take your touristpicture you migh just end up with a fashion photographer on your hands. Happened to me. Twice.  (Yeah, you look like this (CRAPPY) after a diet of wine, baguette, chocolate and cheese.)
Part 2 will be up soon, my computer is superslow now so I'll restart it and try tomorrow. Got over 1000 pictures to go through....



Idag är en sådan dag då man vaknar upp bredvid en fin vän, möter upp andra fina människor och lunchar.
Sen skiter man i att tvätta och bokar tvätttid imorgon istället och landar i sängen med datorn och gör mindmaps och sparar ned inspirationsbilder till kommande photoshoots och bläddrar i de två fina tidningarna jag köpte med mig från Paris.
Och så ska bilderna från mina 10 dagar i Paris komma upp här ikväll också innan jag ger mig ut i mörket mot Martin & Robyns skräckfilmsmatathon, för det är ju ändå HALLOWEEN!
Jag är ganska nöjd över min tillvaro nu.
Tråkigt är däremot att jag snart måste lämna denna blogg för en internationell sådan.
Jag gillar ju svenska språket...