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Where's the snow?

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Last week I managed to do some Chritsmas baking in Bethnal Green
with some of the Swedish guys I've met here
LUSSE DOUGH!! We made one vegan patch and one traditional, Denise ate half of it before it even reached the oven hah.
The weekend before my friend Becky had a gallery opening with bubbles, art installations and live performances, I'm so glad a lot of people came!
Her boyfriend and one of her roomies greeted us by the door
Here's some of the art that was on display
The cellar was filled with grafitti
This little fella´s someone everyone almost managed to trip on
The hostess looking fab and serving bubbly drinks!
And ofc my BW outfit matched the walls.
Me and Mia have been out for drinks and we've met some odd people, the odd people is one thing to love or loathe about living in London.
We've been hanging out at different coffee places
Vintage stores
Cosy pubs....
We're always up for adventures, do you guys know any?
By the way, I just discovered my collagues blog, she's an awesome stylist, and sometimes we end up wearing the same outifts at work hah, her blog is clean and cute --
It feels so weird that it's Chrismas in about one week and there's not even a sign of any snow coming!
I do miss Sweden,
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