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So it's been a while. What has happend the last 6 months I've spent without a camera?
We got a cat. It's name is Luca and he's been living outside our door for almost three weeks now.
He likes cuddles.
I was in Sweden a week recently and witnessed my baby sister graduating and
recieving diplomas for exellent work. I also got to spend time with some friends and family.
Work is busy, as always.
This Sunday I got the day off, so I spent it with friends in Shoreditch.
Beautiful food at Algate East.
Beautiful food at Brick Lane market.
Me and Denise spent hours looking at vintage pieces.
Then I met up with Maya and we raided the Caledonian Road flower market.

Maya is in her happy place now.
Streetstyle. Batman boots and matching kickboard.
Strike a pose. Vouge!
Maya is a ray of sunshine and the cherry of all pies.
I like being blurry. Photo by Maya!
Mayas kitchen looks a bit more lovely now.
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