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Hi Chiang Mai!

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I definitely recommend hiring a motorbike (if you are a confident driver). We went to a place called Bambo where you could get a bike for 24h for as little as 99bhat (ca £2) all you need is to bring your passport. And cash, obviously. Helmets are mandatory and you get it for10bhat
Everyone drives a bike here.
We passed a University and High School while we were on the bus to the city and we saw scooters and motorbikes filling up the whole yard.
Tuk Tuks don't stand a chance.
The traffic is quite slow at times but when you're on the super highway it feels like nothing can stop you. Freedom! 
BEWARE Fabio fell off his bike yesterday while going up a steep mountain and after a few x-rays at the hospital they made clear nothing was broken and painkillers and rest is now priority on his schedule. 
Me and Gabri gave the mountains another try today and it was worth going all the way up for the scenic view of Chiang Mai.
The bumpy roads at the top were a bit scary considering yesterday's misfortune but we took it safe and slow.
I'll post some better pictures later. 
For dinner this evening I managed to take part of the "Eat as much as you like" Vegan buffét at Peppermaint Guest House, it's just around the corner from the place we're staying. For 120bhat you can stuff your face with cruelty free curries and watermelon. Highly recommend! The buffét is between 18:00-21:00.
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