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So this is Thailand?

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Hey guys I finally have time to sit down and spend some quality time with my blog!
We're currently at day 6 in Thailand, and the plan was to hang out in the northern part for a few days before we head back down south and cross over to Cambodia! We started off our journey by landing in Bangkok Thursday morning and getting straight to Ayutthaya for 11bhat/person by train.
While in the city we had to walk around for a while before we found an affordable place that wasn't full. The place we stayed at was called Baan One Love and they charged the three of us 600bhat for a double room with two large beds. It wasn't too bad but wouldn't stay there again.
After dropping off the bags we hired bikes for 50bhat (~£1) each and went off to discover the temple ruins. It was definitely a good desition. All around us people were approaching us with "deals", offering to take us to see all the temples by their Tuk Tuk for "only" 1000bhat. It is very easy to be fooled. A bus ride alone is mare 30bhat.
So far Thailand has treated us well.
The food is fresh, cheap and delicious but we were a bit chocked to see so many stray dogs.
After a day in Ayutthaya we left for a bus that was going to bring us to our next stop Sukhothai. We thought we bought the tickets from the officials bus station but later it turned out the actual ticket was just 310bhat and the place had charged us 600! For a 6 hours journey with food included the price was ok anyway. 
The buses have air con so if you're like me - and get a cold easily - remember to bring a scarf or jumper when going on long bus journeys.  We took a minibus to new Sukhothai and found a nice place called Baan Thai (recomended by Lonley Planet). We later discovered it was just a short walk from the famous night market. FYI the night market starts around 5 and is mostly shut down by 10.
If you go to this Guest House you should order the homemade yoghurt müsli bowl with fruit and - my obsession - mango (or any other) fruit smoothie.
It's funny how most backpackers whom we've come across so far have been German.
Then it was time for our next 6hour bus journey and this time we bought tickets from the bus station and paid just under 200bhat.
Chiang mai is a city we've read lots about with several opportunities and adventures to take part in....
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